i ensamhetens musikens o blott en tanke o nag champa

They say that stolen water tastes sweet
More like rotten milk and rancid meat to me
I prefers when it is free
Like looking at the stars
Don't need no fancy cars
When we first
Our kisses sparked
Yeah I'm afraid of sharks
But not the dark

mitt frö!

<3 <3

thinking tonight,

why is it that every day is totally different in the ways you feel

oh turn it down.

tired of you, tired of being bored, tired of people, tired of school, tired of doin the same shit every fucking day. i need some changes.. how about start writing here more often? naaah. we'll seee
damn my life is so goddamn boring. i'm gonna take my camera and take a walk in the rain.




what the hell am I doing here

förvirrad, vad händer? varför? va? snurrar runt ..

företag kolla läget med det YAO och gilla oss på facebook.
Fight With Fashion

family love

hittade en gammal bild på mina kusiner. 

dry out

de har varit torka på sista tiden

it was just like streetart


dream well silent wood

ge mig solig sommmar

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