soooooooon magaluf i shall come

längtar sjukt mycke! bilf från tenrtiffa i februari!

live the life you want

live the life you want

pic by me

thats how i feel

pic and qoute by me

think free

so true,
pics by me

soon magaluf!


drar o shoppar de sista inför maggan!!

move on

smile like it's the right thing to do

secret shadows

tattoos are fucking hot

jul my dear

naked art

in shadows of tattoos and naked bodys- more pics coming up

going of to fagtown

beslutsångest är inte min grej

this is the story of the moon and the mind

moon and the mind - markandeya collective

we are the fucking echelons

come on bring me some new music now guys!

what if..

cause rock n roll is still alive

I can read you like an open book

feelin a bit like that

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